Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guest Blogger: O'Neill Faulkner On The Last Stretch To The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Hi again, peoples! It's been comfy on the braided rug in front of the old TV watching the everything from the impressive spanking the Preds gave the Wings on 2-28 to the sublime frustration that has been the California Series.

Here are a few random notes:

It's been good to have Sully back on the ice! I'm not sure if I mentioned this the last time Mom let me have some time at the keyboard, but it can't be said enough.

I hope Arnott's vet is taking good care of him and he's not having to wear one of those satellite dish collars while he gets better.

Same goes for Ryan Jones. He's a rookie so they might have defaulted to the collar for him.

Dang, but Tootoo is one tough guy. He must have been a Corgi or a Jack Russell Terrier in another life. Staubitz just wouldn't quit. Given that refs often pull fighting players apart, (I saw them do it repeatedly during the Flyers/Devils game earlier this week) I have to give a stink-eye to the guys who were officiating in San Jose.

Also, many wags to Erat, Zanon, Ward, Weber, Suter, Leggy, Dumont and everyone else for making this an entertaining stretch of games.

Then there's Pekka Rinne. I'm still amazed by this guy because I love to stop my nerf balls and popcorn and his skill at catching a puck without using his teeth is amazing.

One other thing and then I've got some important nylabone chewing to do...Mom explained the penalty box to me and now I understand that hockey players get sent there for no nos. I've never seen a no no on the ice but maybe that's because the zamboni picks them up. Anyway, it's interesting to watch how different people react to being sent there. My favorite player to watch in the penalty box is Vern Fiddler. He always looks like he has no idea why he is there, thinks he should be someplace else and is only going there to indulge the referee because he feels sorry for anyone who has to wear such an ugly shirt.

Well. That's it for now. Save me a spot on front of the tube for tomorrows game and some popcorn to bat around the floor!



Phyl said...

Pan has noticed that there's no mention of him in this post, and he's relieved, since he's uncomfortable with people Noticing Him. Though he really doesn't mind Tard Dawg noticing him, at a distance, at least.

Pan is also not really up on the Predators, especially because mom doesn't let him watch hockey as much as she used to. He suspects that might change during the playoffs, especially for Flames games. Though Pan is probably more of a Leafs fan, being a native Torontonian and all.

andrea said...

Wonder how Pan felt about the Mats Sundin follies...

Tonight's rematch against the Sharks should be fun. It's good to see Sully back -- I liked him when he played for the Hawks.