Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guest Blog: O'Neill Faulkner on Hockey Again!

My original blog entry for today was called "Sean Avery Is A Bitch And I'll Bet He Eats Kitty Poop", but then The Momster saw it and made me hit delete. She reminded me of one of her favorite sayings from the Doggy Lama: "Bark less, wag more". So I'm just going to wag for now.

Here's what made me wag this year so far:

The Sharks, the Flames, The Blue Jackets Guys, you fought the good fight and man, I would have loved to have seen you make it to round two. There's always next year. Ducks. Ducks? That's just so wrong. Calgary, your fans are as much a part of the show as the game itself. They personify the concept of the Seventh Man like no one else. And now that Columbus has gotten a taste of playoff sweetness, it'll be hard to stop them.

The Kremlin on the Potomac I love my Predators, but there are so many moments when the Red's play was so elegant that I'd realize I was so caught up I'd forgotten to breathe. Paws down, they're my other favorite team.

This brings me to the Nashville Predators...What can I say other than thank you? I can't speak for what the game means to my staff, but I will say that the sheer joy that I saw at times made every minute in front of the tube worth it. If you're in doubt, Google the Preds and look at the images of them in play. The majority of them show guys in the same state of bliss I used to feel as a younger dog when I'd either steal something from the freezer or take my Cookie Monster doll and run around the back yard, tongue lolling, tail wagging. Cups, playoffs, rings, those are nice and all but they're just details, what matters is feeling the love when you're on the ice. Believe me, when you do, it shows. It comes out in the leadership and the heart that my team has shown this past season.

So that's it for now. As much as I like Syd the Kid and the Opii, I'll be rooting for the Caps. After that? Who knows.

Wuff and Rawr!

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Phyl said...

Godspeed to dear O'Neill. And many hugs of love an appreciation to his Momster.

EdgyJuneCleaver said...

O'Neill's mom, If you ever need a dog to play with (I do not fetch, it's beneath me) come on over to Colorado, I'll even let you sleep on my bed in the guest bedroom. You can feed me treats and I'll lay my head in your lap.

Rock on dude, the sheep in heaven are gentle and won't mind if you herd them, so I've heard. I'll probably see you soon and you and me can run pack along the big fence, it'll be a blast!

Anne L. said...

O'Neill, you will be missed by not only your mom, but many others. Happy journeys to you, and much love and hugs to your mom.
Anne L.