Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Guest Blog: O'Neill Faulkner Wants Everyone To Relax and Love The Game

Does this picture make me look like Alexander Ovechkin? Mom just rolled her eyes and went back to editing an interview with a collage artist so now I'm asking you, my loyal readers.

Let's get down to business...

The past few games have given Preds fans their share of ups and downs and then some. The high point of the last Columbus mashup had to be the huge grin on Koistinen's face when he slammed the puck between the pipes during the shootout.

Last night's game against Chicago? I was proud of the fans who were there and barked along when they roared in third period. Arnott and Fiddler's goals had me barking and wagging and I was pretty happy to see Little Ryan back on the ice. Seeing anyone come back from an injury makes the game for me, but I'd be happier if players didn't get hurt in the first place. Even if I haven't mentioned an injured Pred here (Hey, keep in mind that I'm alternating between typing this with my nose and my paws!) know that I'm not deliberately slighting anyone's favorites. We miss them all, wish them well and can't wait to see them back in the game. There was one other really cool thing I want to tell you about. If you're at the game or use the time between plays to go to the fridge, you may have been missing TerryandPete's interviews with Dan Ellis. Ellis has good information to share on the how things are going with the team, how the game is going and how hockey is played. Last night he talked about what the fans meant to the team and how the cheering helps to get them pumped up. High paw back atcha, dude! If the Preds weren't here, I'd be whiling away my time licking the same spot on the living room floor and sending 30 pizzas to the cat across the street.

There has been some talk about who everyone would like to see the Preds face in the playoffs. Most people seem to be arguing for Detroit for a number of reasons. Mom has friends in Detroit and has a hard time being mean about anyone in Hockey except Wayne Gretkzy, so I'll refrain from using Gramma and Grammy Sylbia's favorite title for Detroit (Coach Opie and the Dead Things, but you didn't hear it from me) so she wouldn't say this, but I will. I am sick of looking at Coach Opie and if I have to see him and the Wheelie Pops again, I hope Suter yanks Hossa's pants and runs around the rink hooting and waving them above his head with the refs in hot pursuit. The other mitigating factor is that Leggy seems to get very very mouthy when they play Detroit and with him out for the rest of the year, such a matchup would be lacking. Mom told me last night she would love to see the Preds play the Sharks again because she loves watching good hockey and thinks they'll be better prepared for the Big Fish than they were before. For the finals we agree that watching our guys against the Nucks, the Flames or the Caps would be the best way to end the season.

Time to sign off, Mom wants to work on the collage art article again. Save me some popcorn and a spot in front of the tv!


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Phyl said...

I'd love what it implied about the Flames' progress through the playoffs if it were them and not the Nucks, but then what would I do, as I had to cheer against you??