Monday, April 03, 2006

Your Body is a Taco Stand (from The Comedy Patio)

Your Body is a Taco Stand

For the record, even during those dry spells when I knew a really extravagant VDay would consist of a card from my mother and being ignored by the dog, I've never really minded Valentine's Day. Its the sheer suckitude of friends predicating their self-worth on whether they happen to be attached or not on February 14th that makes me want to take a bottle of white-out to the second page of the calandar. Its a day that just screams for really bad poetry. So here goes...

Free Verse to My Secret Love, Mark Watson , 427 Lee's Passing Court, Hernando, Mississippi, 601-798-2340

My dog and my mother hate your guts
My girlfriends and best gay boyfriend
Think I'm nuts
I think they're just jealous
of our true love
And the box with they intercepted?
The one with the nipple clamps and Bush Stickers?
A setup.

Haiku to DJ Ito

standing on my lawn
with a John Mayer CD
closed the taco stand

Another Haiku to DJ Ito

intense look on face
boombox turgid with love
you're still no Cusack

To Joe Bob

Roses are red,
So is my neck.
I'm sorry I pulled your rear window rifle rack loose
During our last date.

copyright 2006 Jas Faulkner

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