Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Illustration Friday (7/5/08): Sour


acrylic on canvas 10.75 x 13.75

Meet Jacques Limon. He's my entry into the latest edition of Illustration Friday. The idea behind Illustration Friday (or "Illofry" as it used tobe called back in the day)is to get creative without having to worry about being perfect. The powers that be throw out a word or a phrase every Friday and you have the rest of the week to illustrate it. Some people post scribbles in a lined notebook, others, paint, collage, draw or get creative with their software. The result is always fascinating and fun to see. Give it a try!

Now, about Jacques... When I saw the word of the week was "sour", the first thing I thought of was lemons. Thing is, I couldn't be completely sour about painting them. I love lemons. They're pretty, they smell good and they're almost always in my kitchen to make stuff taste better. What else is sour? Curmudgeons? I like them, too. They're not always pretty, but there is deep down an element of sweetness. To me, a curmudgeon is an idealist who has gotten a good look at humanity and thinks we all could and should be smarter. I suspect that most if not all curmudgeons keep some hope that we will get smarter. Why else would they bother?
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copyright 2008 jas faulkner


Murray said...

This is great. Love his expression.

Zari said...

excellent expression!

Anonymous said...

Well then I need some curmudgeons in my life. Love your take on the topic. Great illustration.

Mixed Media Martyr said...

Brilliant painting - very humurous. Reminds me of the old paintings of the man in the moon having a wee chuckle at humans from afar. Liked your description of IF too. It is a wonderfully supportive forum for having fun with your art.

Vickie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment. Now it's my turn. Your sour is great. You even used a sour color of yellow. That's creative. Hey, I like grits too. I like mine with a soft cooked egg, and cheese. Most people in Utah don't know what grits are. I had a pony too. I'm not much of a redneck though. Nice to meet you.

theartofpuro said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog,
your illo it's so sour(we meen in the good way),his expression is excellent

Silvia said...

I have never seen so many lemons like this week! seems like it's always the first thing that comes to mind after the word SOUR.
I actually wanted to work around the concept of sweet&sour but I couldn't think of a nice way of representing chinese food and communicating the SOURNESS in the piece at the same time.
I like your painting a lot, did you use ink for the lines? which is the piece size?

Azulita said...

I came to look at your "sour" and thank you for commenting on mine, but I ended up spending lots of time reading. What a pleasure. Thanks. I love you illustration and your written voice.

johanna said...

this is perfect for the theme!