Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year!

I didn't make many resolutions this past NYE and most of them will be kept private, but one that I will share is the resolution to create more art and write more. As insane as it sounds, I also fully intend to make a living at this. So in the future you will see more art here. This brings up another resolution, not being afraid to ask people to buy my art. Here is where you can visit my online store: Zen Dixie

Another resolution is do more to help causes that I believe in. One such cause is getting people to buy locally, eat locally and grow their own food. Did you know that in the mid-twentieth century, nearly 40% of what went on American and Canadian tables was raised at home? Think of what kind of positive environmental impact we could have if we learned to produce what we need by making our own or supporting the work of people who are making beautiful and/or useful things in an ethical and responsible manner.

I'll be writing more about food, gardening and health here: Eat This Blog

My store blog will still feature information about the work I have for sale. This year you'll also find instructions for doing your own projects and interviews with creative people who are living inspired and inspiring lives in a feature I am calling "The Better Part of He(art)". Please feel free to set a book mark here: The Zen Dixie Blog

Finally, now that I am finding my voice, it has become very clear to me that there is a lot of misinformation about diabetes. I wouldn't wish the past three/four months on anyone, but I'm also very glad to have gotten through it and am starting to write about what happened and the impact it can have on my and anyone else's life. My blog, which is admittedly a little skimpy right now can be found here: Subterranean Pancreatic Blues

I will also be cleaning up my blogroll and adding new links to some great writers. I'll hope you'll check them out.


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Susan said...

Thanks for commenting on my monday artday bee. I love the candy box lights on the Zen dixie blog...clever. I hope you got to eat all the candy :) !!And I have to ask...what's a widdershin?