Friday, January 01, 2010

Hello 2010! Here's My List, So Please Don't Hurt Me!

I made a promise somewhere else on the internet to do something that I've neglected since 2001: Make a list of resolutions.

Some of the items are no-brainer type things that were easy and obvious:

1.) I will eat like it's a part of my body's daily maintenance

2.) I will exercise every day

3.) I will write every day

4.) I will be kinder and more patient

5.) I will remember gratitude as a necessary component to everything

6.) I will put off procrastination in favor of productivity

7.) I will be a better friend

Somehow it seemed like a tall order and yet it didn't seem like enough, either.
Then one night I was surfing Youtube and found this video:

It brought up some very important questions about how deeply I was willing to invest in making the most of this year and the ones to follow. What kind of world is my generation leaving for the ones to come? What good will I do this year, this week, this month, on this day? If I can't effect direct change, how can I keep from doing harm?

So here is the rest of the list:

7.) I will think globally, beyond the comfortable confines of my own life and stay conscious of the true extent to which I am safe, privileged and free to do what I can to help others.

9.) I will be more socially responsible about where I spend my money. This includes learning what I can about where what I buy comes from, who makes it, who pays the greater personal price to put it in my hands and who really benefits from the purchase.

10.) I will learn more about the political process and be more active in it.

11.) I will be more conscious of the environmental impact my choices have on our planet.

12.) I will pray and meditate more.

13.) I will not stay quiet when I know making my voice heard will make a difference.

14.) I will skate more and play more hockey.

15.) I will play more.

So there it is. I hope you'll take some time to consider what you will do this year.